BitiCodes Features: Why choose this Bitcoin trading robot?

Trading and investing in cryptocurrency has become a very lucrative business over the last couple of years.

The number of investors and traders increases every day. And not all of them are seasoned traders with immense knowledge regarding the financial markets, particularly crypto assets.

There is an increasing number of newbie traders, ordinary people who reap significant profits with a basic grasp of the market.

Thanks to the automated trading software, trading cryptocurrencies is more accessible to those eager to venture into investing but are afraid they are under-skilled.

Within the following lines, we present to you the new automated trading platform BitiCodes, whose features promise an excellent trading experience and big odds to make decent profits.

Once you finish reading this quick overview, we recommend you check the detailed Biticodes review and see what this ATS offers.

Easy registration

There is no need to undergo a tedious or complicated process to register and open your account on the BitiCodes platform. The process of registration is free of charge, simple, and fast. You only ought to enter basic information, which will take you no more than 15 minutes to finish the account creation and venture into the trading business.

Quick withdrawals

A fantastic feature of this platform is the quick withdrawal process. Many crypto trading bots require users to be patient for weeks before placing a trade. It’s not the case with BitiCodes. With BitiCodes, traders just need to submit their withdrawal forms. The payments are processed within a day. Moreover, various payment methods are also enabled on the platform.

No hidden costs

BitiCodes is confirmed to be a free trading platform, unlike some trading bots and ATS platforms inclined to take commissions and have hidden fees. That’s not the case with BitiCodes.

Regulation compliance

In the recent research performed by many reviewers, this trading bot represents a legitimate company that satisfies industry regulations and rules. It has the authorization to run crypto trading activities on its clients’ behalf.

Efficient Customer Support

Their customer service is highly professional and accessible 24 hours a week. Satisfied users give positive testimonies on their availability to attend to issues or complaints.

Attempting to obtain help from one of the customer service representatives will take you only some minutes before receiving a satisfactory answer to your inquiries.

Multiple Payment Methods are available.

A range of payment methods is available to Users to deposit and withdraw funds from BitiCodes. This is designed to make the trading process easier for everyone involved.

In Conclusion – Why you should use Biticodes in your tradings

BitiCodes offers auto trading services on the bitcoin market, which can be pretty beneficial for many investors and traders in the cryptocurrency sector.

We have comprehensively reviewed online reviews and testimonials relating to this trading fund. We have found many to report it as a legitimate, reliable and trustworthy trading platform.

If you are considering using this software, do well to verify it yourself using a demo account before taking the risk of trading for real money. The trading platform is said to be free without any hidden charges and easy to use.